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The Intern Tale

The First Intern Of La Patisserie20

You cannot actually understand anything serious about this life till the time you step into that real life situations and issues. Visions are more cleared when we step into practical life while going through theoretical phase as well. I am a hotel management student and my area of interest is the bakery section. I am very thankful to my Chef Venketashas he helped me to do internship at La Patisserie20 and I got a platform to learn things practically as well.

I have never seen such an organised and clean kitchen before. My mam Chef Deepali here put total emphasis on cleanliness, organisation and teamwork. My daily schedule of work here is from 4pm just after college and I usually left closer to 8:00pm or 8:30pm. I typically started my work by learning French entremets and recipes. Before that I had been given the training of basics on how to weight ingredients exactly as per requirements and there I came to know about varieties of French products and bakery ingredients, such as one of the finest quality Belgium chocolates as an example which is used in my kitchen as a prime component.

My chef is very strict and in my beginning phase I was making a lot of mistakes, might be some of them due to nervousness of getting scold again by Chef I made mistakes often. But at the end she always makes me learn and guide me well. She has taught me things from scratch which is very much needed for example, the importance of keeping our work station clean as it can affect the very next recipe if it’s messy before starting new work. I fell blessed as she is guiding me the same way as she had learned to work in one of the top institute Le Cordon Blue in Paris.

On the other hand she is also very sweet and kind as I felt that she had never treated me like one of her staff members. Under her guidance I also got a chance to win a trophy at National Abhuday 2019 competition held in Haldwani at Amrapali institute in Bakery and Culinary competition from my college.

Working at La Patisserie20 is an amazing experience at personal level. I am getting to learn to cook with new French techniques, most of them which are unknown to me, absorbing the maximum details which mam is giving to me. It is not easy as it seems to work in kitchen by standing long hours and at the heat of oven and a constant pressure to perform well without bumps and running of smooth work flow. What drives me here is the creativity that I have seen when mam works at her personal station. It puts a smile in my heart and builds a self esteem that one day I will also be generating my own fusion of creativeness in the baking world. I felt here that a real chef must be inventive and not just someone who follows the recipe.

It feels so proud when guests at our outlet praises mam when they tastes different pastries and entremets. I dream to serve like this one day and it motivates me to be a better baker Chef, creating a new flavour for people tomorrow.

By Chef Sanjit.

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