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La Patisserie 20 "Here we go 2016"

The sinful deserts have a new address!

There is something about deserts which is very enticing. Even a mere thought of indulging on those sinful delights excites us. If you are one of those bingers looking for an authentic place to satiate your sinful cravings, La Patisserie 20 (LP20)is the ultimate heaven for deserts.

Headed by the expertise of certified pastry chef Deepali Jagtap More, the place is gaining momentum at a fast pace. A graduate from Le Cordon Bleu, Paris, Deepali strives to bring those authentic French recipes and flavours to India. No one can deny the fact that apart from the spectacular beauty of Paris, what captures everyone’s fantasy is the French food and deserts.

Sharing her initial stint with kitchen, Deepali say’s,-“Since childhood I used to spend a lot of time in Kitchen filled with spices and aroma. My love for food and cooking developed when I was quite young. I used to love spending time in kitchen with my mom and nani.”

Deepali is a Bachelor of commerce and did her masters in Business Administration. It was after moving to Australia in 2011, that she got an opportunity to recreate her mom and Grandma’s recipes.

Talking about her journey, Deepali says,-“With passage of time I discovered my passion for baking and started experimenting with various flavours and textures. I got a chance to volunteer cook in Meals on Wheels which was a community welfare organization. Years passed and my passion for culinary evolved.”

Adding further she says,-“I also took few short courses in baking along with food and hygiene handling certification from Tafe SA(Australia). Since then my affair with baking began. I started marketing my cupcakes at local food market and received great feedbacks followed by new orders. This was when I decided to make a career in a place where my heart and passion belonged to.”

To pursue her passion Deepali took resort to Le Cordon Bleu Paris, which is considered as Mecca of French patisseries. It was this course which gave wings to her aspirations.

“After completing my course, I started working as a pastry chef in Paris. Though I was offered an option to start my own venture abroad, I decided to bring all my learning and skills back to home country, India”, shares Deepali.

The brand is a wonderful blend of innovative culinary creation with great presentation which is a visual delight for its patrons. The beautiful presentation makes the deserts all the more irresistible. Made with quality ingredients and unique flavours, each pastry assures you of freshness and new flavours.

Deepali had participated in an initiative called “Pink Power” organized by Inorbit Mall Baroda, which she won with flying colours. As a gesture of appreciation she has been provided a space to set up her Kiosk at the premises of the mall. As we are moving towards women empowerment, Deepali wishes to take this platform as an opportunity for many more ventures to come.”

Talking about her expansion plans, Deepali says,-“ I am coming up with my first signature boutique at Vadodara’s prime location where Barodians will have classic French patisseries such as Macarons, cupcakes, éclairs and choux pastry along with tarts, sablees, exclusive hand crafted chocolates, customize cakes and variety of breads. I aspire to establish my own brand. I have already set up a bakery which will serve as the backbone of my signature boutique. At this juncture I would also like to thank all of our connoisseurs for showering their love and support and I am sure we will continue getting the same in times ahead ”.

La patisserie 20 aims to offer high quality Bakery products while encompassing the highest standards in the customer service. Not only that, the brand aspires to offer quality products at competitive prices so as to meet the demands of the middle to higher income groups as well as tourists. The brand wishes to delight each and every customer at the shop making it the best desert experience of their life.

As an innovative leader, La Patisserie 20 is committed to set new trends by innovating niche products along with maintaining the authenticity of French gastronomy.

With an amazing range of delectable deserts and innovation at its roots. La Patisserie 20 or LP20 as known among its fan customers, the brand is sure to reach new milestones in its journey.

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