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Navigating Covid-19

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

The COVID-19 situation has developed rapidly over the last few months, with the number of cases increase in Vadodara (India), and state government taking drastic measures to slow the spread of the virus. With new social distancing and self-isolation strategies, it’s clear that COVID-19 will have, and is having, an extreme impact on the hospitality industry.

First news of covid-19 came around feb and all of sudden we had go into lock down as per government guidelines. At first what struck us was the stock that was been prep for coming days another was how we going to do about stock that was been procured or was about get procured from different vendors, I was in panic situation at that time as i had to check my current stock expiry dates too as we are in bakery industry, not all but most of the goods have short shelf life.

During March and April government allowed us to operate as we were coming in essentials goods and services, but I took a decision not to be operational as safety of the staff mattered the most, during that time government had given time slot where you can go out to get essentials goods we took a chance and visited our bakery, I was in shock to see my bakery close as that was not Monday, as we remain close on Mondays only. I was wandering about the future how this Covid-19 crisis is scary and unfamiliar enough, and now on top of it all, we have to start thinking about how our business was going to survive.

La Patisserie 20, was in operational from 2016 but we just started our patisserie boutique and café at new location and it been just under two years.

I along with my husband chuck all pre prep goods that were supposed to be served in coming days for our patrons’, I stared counting the losses, but my over practical husband told don’t worry keep your head cool you need to hold your horses, I did not get why is he saying hold your horses but then he what he is and at that time i was not in mood of thinking what this quote means. Lucky we did not end much of inventory loss but yes there were still other financial challenges that we need to look upon, like over heads, staff salaries and back loans, these all things makes a business.

During that time I paid my staff salary as they to need to survive in this crisis, but then how long that hunted me.

We were back in business in month of June and till then covid-19 crises were not over yet, and as small business owner my survival mode kicked in and I knew I need to act quickly and efficiently.

We planned to developed our long aviated website plan and my husband on to it within a week we where live with our website thanks to his IT background. Even though its mostly informative website with no e-commerce integrated into it so far, but he plan it that way as he told it should provide a quick overview of the information that people need about who you are and what you offer, in a timely manner and direct them to place an order.

Next on the list was sanitization so we hired a professional cleaning company who will clean and sanitized our café and bakery.

We created a promo video for our customers to give reason to feel safe while entering La Patisserie 20.

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